Tips To Plan Your Laundry Renovation

Laundries are usually one of the least thought about spaces in your house. You can transform a neglected laundry area into an attractive space by doing some planning. You’ll love these 7 tips to plan your small laundry renovations Sydney if you have been considering it.

1. Outdoor Access

The first step toward remodeling your laundry is deciding where to put it. Easier access to your laundry from the backyard means that clothes can be hung on the line, rather than being dried in the dryer. This will save you money, energy, and time. If you want to reduce your environmental footprint, laundry with outdoor access will make it much easier to divert greywater to the garden. Your laundry with outdoor access can be accessed from the back door. The breeze will draw moisture from the clothes and dry them, which reduces the possibility of mold and smelly odors.

2. Great Ventilation

If you do not have an option to place your laundry outside, it is important to think about ways to improve ventilation. An excess amount of moisture in a laundry room can cause significant damage that will cost you a lot. You should plan the space with windows in mind. If this is impossible, you can install a ceiling fan or other air conditioning. The room’s ventilation can also be improved to improve safety. This is because cleaning products often make their home in the laundry.

3. Plan To Use The Space

We all know the frustration that comes with a cluttered laundry room. The process of designing a laundry that suits your lifestyle requirements should not be taken lightly.

It pays to research and plans to ensure that your laundry has enough space for items like a washer/dryer, sink, countertop space, storage space, and laundry baskets. You still have enough room to move around and complete tasks. It is important to know the size and type of dimensions of the washer/dryer you intend to use. Will you use a top or front-loading washer and dryer? If the front loading model opens in one direction, which is it? Your machines will be easier to access and more easily placed if you know the answers to these questions. Remember pets, too! Consider a place for pet food storage, an open base cabinet to provide a private pet bed, as well as a space for dog bathing and/or showering.

4. Make The Space Dual Point

Modern life encourages multitasking. It is no surprise that many Aussie homeowners pair their laundry with bathrooms. The laundry room doesn’t need to look cluttered with everything you need. It is easier to access the wet areas of your home by sharing them. Lighting plays a major role in the design and utility of multipurpose spaces. It is important to have a good mix of task lighting and natural sunlight so that the dual-purpose space is both livable and comfortable for laundry and bathing.

5. Priorities Shop

Laundry is a place where you can store everything. This includes cleaning products, pet supplies, and dirty washing. You can give your laundry more storage than your house by using a combination of overheads, cabinets, and drawers. The flexibility of custom cabinetry will allow you to design storage that is specific and hidden when you aren’t using it. Open shelving options are becoming increasingly popular. Many homeowners want to beautify their laundry rooms by adding vases, candles, and towels. They are also very practical. Installing an open rail to dry clothes on hangers reduces ironing, and frees up space for bench work.

6. Consider Safety

Laundry is one of the largest dangerous areas in your house. Make sure it is well planned. Few tasks in your daily life require you to use electricity more often, lift more, or work with more chemicals. So it is crucial to plan how the laundry area will look to minimize any hazards. It is important to install proper wiring. You should also consider the location of outlets. There are many practical advantages to overhead cabinetry if you have children.

7. Make It A Space You Are Not Dreading Going Into

While most people don’t enjoy doing laundry, it can make the task easier. It is the little things that make your laundry room more pleasant and efficient that you should pay attention to. There are many options: a built-in bench to fold laundry; an oversized sink to wash delicates; a glass or skylight to add natural light and more illumination. A stylish splash back of tiles in your choice can be a striking focal point for the room. Additionally, some lush plants and humorous sayings can be framed on the walls to keep the room feeling fresh.

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