Why Not Consider Plantation Shutters To Protect Your Windows?

The plantation shutter is one of the favourite window treatments. These shutters are versatile and less costly than custom draperies. They can also increase your home’s value. These window treatments are the only ones that can be financeable. Why? They are very desirable and often stay with the house after it is sold.

A popular choice for kitchens is plantation shutters. It is important to find out if interior shutters are custom-made for your windows. The prices can often be very similar.

They quickly gained popularity and spread to other parts of the world. The shutters were named after the large plantation homes that were found in the South.

Shutters with narrow divider rails allow you to control the top and bottom of the louvres separately. This is a useful feature for evenings when privacy is desired.

Plantation shutters in Perth are available in many styles and louvre sizes today. The 64-millimetre louvre size is the most common, but it can also be found in 89 or 114 millimetres.

It is up to you to decide what size louvre you want. The traditional 64-millimetre size louvre is best for rooms of average size and with low ceilings. The 89-millimetre Louvre might be better suited for large rooms with high ceilings.

There are a few things you should look out for when shopping for plantation shutters. A custom shutter company will measure the window and make your shutters according to your specifications.

Bathroom shutters with divider rails or double-hung designs are very popular. The bottom louvres can be closed for privacy while the top ones can be opened to let in light and view. This function is harder to achieve with curtains, drapes, or wood blinds.

Sometimes, a half shutter may be all you need. They are almost twice as expensive as full-length shutters. They won’t provide as much insulation and sunlight control. Full window shutters let in light and views while protecting furniture and rugs from the sun. Before you decide to get half shutters, weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Shutters made specifically for windows offer many design options. These two panels can be opened from the centre or bi-folded to one side.

It is okay to have the panels open from the centre if you don’t plan on opening them against the wall. If you do plan on opening the panels from the centre and something is blocking the view (e.g. the pipe that runs up the left side), then bi-folding is the best option. These doors work in the same way as bi-fold doors. They fold one over the other and are positioned to the side.

The window allows homeowners to control the view and light through many different options. They are double-hung. This allows the top louvres to be opened while the bottom louvres remain closed. The top panels can be folded back against the wall to expose the bottom panels. You can also throw the panels back to open the whole window.

The style and needs of your windows will determine how your shutters are made. The back of this window seat has three windows. Because they are narrow, only one panel was created for each window. This gives you lots of light and views. They are also equipped with a divider rail that allows for the control of both the top and bottom louvres.

Ask About:

Tension adjustment screws to prevent drooping of louvres.

Mortised hinges look better when installed in a frame and on the outside of bi-fold panels.

They are made from the wood they were made from (never purchase pine shutters as they can be dangerous to sap bleed).

Rabbeted edges prevent light gaps between panels at their centres.

Side rails of at least 38 millimetres thickness (prevents panel warping)

You can soften the shutters’ appearance in bedrooms by adding drapes or a cover to them. These shutters will provide you with all the privacy and sun control you want, and you can add any decorative treatments you wish.

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