The Home Selection Checklist is a great tool for choosing a home.

This checklist will help you choose the right home for you and your family. You need to decide if the home you choose for the future will suit your needs. A major decision in your life is home selection. Using a checklist to help you make smart choices about the house you choose will help you to think through all the details before you purchase. You can take a checklist to every home you consider and note all important points. You will be able to use the checklist for each home you might choose and create a “factbook” that you can review and analyze before making your final decision.

These essential factors are important in home selection and can be used to create your own checklist.
The next step is to research the homes for sale. You will then be able to compare each home to other homes that you have viewed. Once you’re ready to apply for a mortgage, you will have a checklist that lists all the pros and cons.

  1. What is the age of the structure? Older homes need more maintenance. It can be harder to get a mortgage for older homes. The homeowner’s insurance required by the mortgage company can make the home more expensive. If you choose that home, make sure to note any items that need repairs.
  2. What number of stories does the home have? Stairs can pose a problem if you or your family member are getting older or you plan to stay in the home for many years. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re young and will not live in the home for many years. If this is a problem for you or your family, place it on your home selection checklist. You should note any items that might make it difficult for family visits on your home checklist. If your family is unable to visit due to stairs or hills, it would be a significant inconvenience.
  3. Which material is used for home construction? Block and concrete slab homes are less likely to catch fire, which will affect your home insurance rates and mortgage rates. You can choose the type of building you want on your home selection list.
  4. Kitchen space: How big a kitchen is needed to suit your needs? Is the fridge new or old? Is the stove in good shape? Which stove do you prefer? Are you looking for a garbage disposal or a gas stove? You should determine what kitchen features are important and then create a checklist. Next, rate each property to determine how many checklist features are included. Some selection checklist features are simple enough to add, but other selection checklist features cannot be modified.
  5. Living areas: Are a formal living space and a den important choices on your personal selection list? Each need should be listed on the home selection list. If you love plants, are there windows? Is the carpet in your potential home in good condition? These are important considerations before you sign a mortgage. Keep a list of all possible expenses in your home for future reference. These can be used to budget for your mortgage
  6. Laundry facilities: Is your home equipped with laundry hookups so that you don’t have to climb up and down the stairs to get your laundry from your bedrooms to the washer? Are they in good condition? Take note of the selection list. Your selection checklist should include any items that you plan to replace when you move into your new home. The cost to replace the items that you consider unacceptable should be noted on your checklist. Be sure to budget in order to pay your mortgage and renovate the home you have chosen.
  7. Bedrooms: Are you a family or are there plans to have more? Are there enough bedrooms for guests? Is the master bedroom large enough in the home? A mortgage for a small home is a mistake. Make sure you have the exact size of home on your selection list.
  8. Closets: Is there enough space to store your family’s clothes? Make a list of the closets that you need.
  9. Bathrooms: Are there enough bathrooms in your home to accommodate everyone’s personal items? Many bathrooms are required for large families. Make sure you include this item on your home selection checklist. It can be costly to select a home that requires bathrooms and mortgage payments. This should be considered when you are deciding on a mortgage.
  10. Roofs: Look at the condition and materials. Consider a major repair cost if your roof appears to be in dire need of repairs. Roofs are very costly. Before you make an offer, find out the cost of replacing your roof. These costs should be noted on your home checklist. Is your budget sufficient to cover the cost of roofing and mortgage?

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