Mats necessary to protect your business in spring

Are you prepared to protect your business’s floors in springtime?

While we may enjoy spring’s colors as well as the warm temperatures and showers, our floors suffer. The constant foot traffic and mud can cause damage to the floors. If you aren’t prepared, you might end up spending a lot on flooring maintenance before the season is over. Worse yet, you may be faced with horrendous costs for floor repair.

There are ways to prime your floors and protect them for the spring. Custom rugs with logo are the best choice for spring floor protection.

Mats necessary to protect your business in spring

Before you go buying the first mats that you see, be aware that different mats are suitable for different seasons. These are the mats that protect floors from mud and moisture.

Here is a list containing the necessary floor mats to rent from a New Jersey service provider:

Scraper mats

Scraper mats feature a dual-level design to help keep mud from your floors. First, the raised surfaces of scraper mats are more abrasive. These abrasive particles effectively remove any dirt or debris from the floor by scraping off the shoes under soles. This catchment system traps the particulates and keeps them in the mats.

Mats for entry

Reception areas are often the most affected by heavy foot traffic. The entrance is where dirt and mud are most concentrated. Properly designed entrance mats allow you to still impress your customers despite multiple layers and layers upon layers of brushes and scraper mats. Not only will they enhance the look of your reception areas but they can also be used to protect you from springtime floor problems. They can be used to protect your floor from the springtime hazards.

Slip-resistant carpets

More rain leads to more mud- and moisture. You are at greater risk of getting hurt in slips and falls. This problem occurs all year, sending on average 2,000,000 people into the every year. But the dangers are higher in wetter seasons. Spring is one example. Slip-resistant mats provide additional protection from slip-and-fall accidents by having extra-strong traction. They can be used in damp areas and areas that are likely to get wet.

Longer lasting mats to spring and beyond

Commercial floor mats should be of high quality. Even the finest floor mats cannot withstand all the foot traffic they will receive in springtime. The best maintenance is key.

In New Jersey’s market for commercial floor mat rentals, there is only one name that can offer the best of both worlds: 

Ultimate floor mats are the best quality for any room in your facility. The skilled technicians at ultimate mats will give your mats all the attention they deserve. Ultimate mats offers the best floor care products at a time when it is most convenient.

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