Tooting Your Own Horn – The Art of Celebrating

This topic is my favorite! LOVE! LOVE! I LOVE IT! It’s a great reason to celebrate! The question is:

“Pam, I have heard you talk about celebrating in class and in a newsletter. It was mentioned that it could help to increase self-confidence and motivation. Although I understand that it can help with motivation, I worry that people will think that I am bragging and praising others for something that I have done. What can I do to avoid this? 

This is a great question! We are grateful!

For the reasons stated in the question, I believe celebrating is a great way to celebrate. It’s a great feeling to be able to stop and say “Thank you!”

My humble opinion is that we don’t celebrate enough. Without a break or pause, we rush from one task or project to another without allowing our bodies to rest. We wonder why we are so tired. It’s all about the people!

Celebrating is not only a way to build confidence and motivate others, but it’s also a great energy booster. It is better than any 5-hour energy booster drink.

It’s great for recharging, but I can also see the bragging and toting. It’s true, I was once concerned about the exact same thing. Then I realized the following:

First, I don’t have any control over the opinions of others. I have never had any control over what others think and I will never again. It’s a difficult concept to accept, but it is true.

Some things to think about…

I encourage you to think about whether someone might object to your celebrations of your wins . They may want to celebrate, but they also have the same concerns. You can be a role model to them and other people by celebrating. You also get to have fun.

Second, I don’t have to celebrate my wins loudly. (Unless, of course, I want to. I have the option to celebrate in my own private way. I can write in my journal about my win, acknowledge my efforts, and gift myself a massage or mani/pedi. One time, I opened a bottle champagne and enjoyed a glass of champagne while toasting my accomplishments. All of these things were entirely my idea and we had a great time!

This was the most important and perhaps most significant realization. It required some hard questions.

Did I celebrate because of what other people might think?

What was getting in my way of celebrating, especially if it didn’t have the responsibility to include others?

The truth is… The truth is that I found it funny to celebrate me, because I didn’t deserve celebration. Enter a BIG BOLDFACE lie.

After I had exposed the lie, I took the pledge to prove it wrong. I CELEBRATED. Even though it was difficult, I celebrated the small, medium and big wins. Yes, it was uncomfortable at first, but I now have more fun celebrating.

Truthfully, I celebrate all things. When I get a new client, when a class I have taught goes well, or when I complete a project, I celebrate. Although I don’t celebrate in grand or extravagant ways, I try to be grateful for all the positive things I do.

Celebrating is important to me and my personal well-being. I wouldn’t ask my clients or you to celebrate with me if I didn’t.

Friends, we all have merit to be proud of who we are, our talents, and the contributions we make to the world. Topping our own horns is good business, good for our personal health, good for the soul, and good for business.

Take the time to appreciate you today, no matter how small or large. It’s not everyone’s business what you celebrate so don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from doing the right thing for you.

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